Pairing issues with your device

How to associate my device with ou mc.brick?

When the speaker is turned on for the first time, it automatically enters in pairing mode. As soon as the first association was made with your device, the speaker will automatically connects with your device as soon as you turn it on.
WARNING: Your device must necessarily have its Bluetooth switched on and be within 10 meters of or mc.brick.

To associate your device with the speaker for the first time:
  • Turn on or mc.brick by switching the button on the back of the speaker to “On” and wait 10 seconds. the blue LED flashes.
  • When the LED flashes in red and blue, or mc.brick will be in pairing mode and announce ”pairing”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for new devices. Select or mc.brick and pair the two devices.
  • When both devices are connected, or mc.brick announce ”connected” and the LED indicator lights will turn blue and blink twice every 3 seconds

If the pairing attempt times out (roughly 3 minutes), restart both devices and start the pairing process again.

Issues which can be encountered

  • or mc.brick is in paring mode, but is not detected by your device.
  • or mc.brick and your device are associated, but they do not connect automatically when they are turned on.

What should you do?

If or mc.brick is not detected :
  • Make sure the speaker is still in pairing mode. If it does not, restart your ou mc.brick.
If or mc.brick and your device do not connect automatically:
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device is well turn on
  • If your device has never been associated with your or mc.brick, you must associate them once before they connect automatically. To do this, refer to the steps above.
  • Make sure your device is not too far away from your or mc.brick (up to 10 meters).

If you checked all these points, try to restart your device and speaker. If they have already been connected, the pairing will be done automatically.

If you have still an association issue, do not hesitate to contact us.

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