Battery life issues

What is the normal battery life?

  • and mc.brick battery life to provide up to 10 hours of music. With an audio jack cable connection, the battery life can be extended to 12h for
  • and mc.brick will announce the message ”battery low” when the battery will own less than 10% load. The LED present on the speaker will flash red to remind you to reload the battery.

Issues which can be encountered:

  • The battery life is less than 10 hours.

What should you do?

  • A lower battery life is usually due to the way the product is used.
  • Down the volume: prolonged listening at high volumes shortens battery life
  • Reduce the range of Bluetooth: the range of Bluetooth emitted by or mc.brick is 10 meters. Over the device connected to the speaker is far more or mc.brick will use resources to stay connected. The battery life will wear out more quickly.
  • Turn off the speaker: sometimes, or mc.brick can be connected to devices that no produce any sound. However, the Bluetooth connection will continue to use the battery slowly.
  • Check if there are no multiple connections: if several devices are connected simultaneously to mc mini or mc.brick, the battery life is reduced.

However, if the battery life of your or mc.brick is lower than normal, do not hesitate to contact us.

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