How to take a call?

How to take a call with your

When you is connected by bluetooth to your device, you can take a call throught your speaker.

Take a call with your
  • If you are listening to something, the sound will stop immediately when you’ll receive a call. will announce ”Incoming Call”.
  • You just have to press the TALK button to answer your call. Now you can use your like a ”speakerphone”. Its microphone will pick up your voice just like a phone.
  • To end a call, press the TALK button again.
Refuse a call with your
  • If you want to refuse a call with your you just have to press and hold the TALK button during 2 seconds.
Re-dial the last number called :
  • If you want to re-dial the last number called throught your, please press twice the TALK button.

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