Sound issues and mc.brick are designed to bring you the best sound quality possible.

Issues which can be encountered:

  • The sound is cut or shifted
  • The sound seems unclear and appears blurred
  • the sound changes from mc mini or mc.brick to the device continually
  • The volume seems too low

What should you do?

If your or mc.brick is bluetooth paired:
  • Make sure your device is within 10 meters of or mc.brick. If you do not respect this distance, the sound quality will not be optimal.
  • Check that your device is well pairing with your or mc.brick. You will find this information in the bluetooth section of the device you are using.
  • Try to reset and re-pairing your device with or mc.brick. First you have to delete the speaker bluetooth profile on your device. For Iphone, use the option ”Forgive this device” while for Android you have to use the ”Decoupling” option. Restart you or mc.brick and your device and pairing them like the first time.
If your or mc.brick is connected with jack cable:
  • Make sure your mc.brick or is well connected. if it is, control the condition of your cable. A damaged cable can harm the sound quality.

If you have already checked these points, please test your sound on your device to control the quality of your audio file. An audio sound with poor quality won’t produce a good sound quality regardless of the playback device use.

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